Here are the Kanji that I've been learning since March 2016 (This rendering ends around 2018)

You know brag brag or whatever but what I find really interesting is the spaced repetition memory process.
If you're not familiar, the idea is flash cards but they are only shown just as you're predicted to forget the content.

This is a visualization of that process over time.
Freshly learnt and freshly forgotten kanji flash as time progresses in the simulation.
Each time I review a Kanji the text color turns green.
The Kanji fade to dark grey as time passes, symbolizing the memory fading.

Each time a Kanji is reviewed, it will turn to dark grey more slowly, which is the design of SRS.
If I can't remember a Kanji, reviews are intensified and the process restarts.
If you move the mouse around you can see more information about a particular Kanji.
Including a nice little graph of all the reviews for that particular Kanji.

If you are also learning Kanji, let me know, but I have since broken the anki uploader.

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